Friendship Park

friendship park inclusive playground – landscape architecture

Friendship Park opened in June 2023 and stands as a significant milestone for the community of Dickinson, North Dakota. The park offers a diverse range of amenities designed for people of all ability levels. The park includes swings, a ground-level wheelchair-accessible merry-go-round, slides, zip lines, and climbing features. ADA accessible restrooms, a parking lot, and a shelter are also included in the park. The Friendship Park Committee included parents and children with special needs, healthcare providers, business leaders, and government staff, played a pivotal role in the park’s creation. Funding from the City of Dickinson, Stark County, Dickinson Parks & Recreation, private donations, and support from the Land and Water Conservation Fund made this project possible.  The result is an inclusive space that highlights the collective dedication and generosity of the Dickinson community.


The photos below were provided courtesy of Dickinson Parks & Recreation.


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